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Roofing Safety

Regardless of what type of work you do, safety is always a priority. At Westmax, we take roofing safety processes and procedures very seriously. We strive to be the safest contractor in the market

We invest in safety programs and equipment on the front end that protects our workforce. We approach every roofing project with a job specific, carefully managed safety plan that allows us to bring a project in on time and budget with little need to backtrack. Our strong safety record enables us to attract dedicated workers, limits negative publicity for ourselves and our clients that could arise from accidents, and puts us in much better favor with OSHA. Our safety record builds credibility and trust and is worth every penny.

We makes no sacrifices when it comes to being properly trained and supplied with the most advanced safety equipment and procedures in commercial roofing.

We are always striving to stay ahead of the OSHA fall protection provisions. Iin doing so, Westmax has extensively studied the provisions and guidelines and has summarized them in regards to commercial roofing and roofing contractors. Westmax Roofing, Inc. pays special attention to every detail on every roofing project to insure that our staff and customers are is as safe as possible.

As a part of our company policy, we’ve developed methods for the following:

  • Eliminate and reduce downtime
  • Reduce and mitigate risk
  • Increase response time efficiency
  • Define communication between the client and Westmax


Pre-Construction Safety Planning

The dedicates Safety Person on the assigned team will tour the job site to observe and document potential safety or health hazards, including the potential of falling, before any work begins. We enforce a 100% tie-off regulation with all workers when exposed to a potential fall over 6 foot.

Staging and Safety Set-up

A Staging and Setup Plan will be provided to the client showing the set-up area, material staging area, and safety equipment details such as safety flags and guard rail systems.

Systematic Safety Inspections During Construction

During construction, we will conduct regular safety inspections to ensure that the safety plan and other safety regulations are being enforced. At Westmax, we take commercial roofing safety seriously.

Wayne and his crew with Westmax roofing reroofed my entire house last year and did an awesome job. Wayne was very professional and seemed very knowledgeable about all aspects of roofing. His crews were respectful and extremely professional while replacing my roof. Most importantly to me, they were diligent about taking time to constantly walk around our house with large magnets to make sure any rouge nails were picked up before my kids had a chance to step on one. Wayne noticed that my attic was holding too much heat and it contributed to my original shingles degrading quicker than they should. We took his advice and had Westmax add multiple vents to help release some of the heat causing the issue. Boy was he right, not only did it lower the temperature in our attic space, it cooled living space inside the house too. I wouldn't hesitate to have Wayne work on any of my roofs in the future and even recommend him to my Father as well. Westmax is an example of how a business should be ran, extremely competitive pricing, attention to detail, and great service. Thanks Wayne!

Cainaan NakamuraCapital Projects, Greystar

Westmax Roofing, the BEST! We own a two-story home in Vista.  My wife and I noticed some wood rot under the joist and trim over our in-closed porch. We called Westmax Roofing and asked for an estimate for repair. Wayne came out to inspect our roof and explained to us in detail that the damage was due to the improper installation of our solar panels. The fasteners of the panels caused leakage under the tiles of the roof causing the damage. Wayne was very professional yet very kind and understanding.  His written report helped us to approach the solar panel company to except the responsibility and pay for the repairs done by Westmax Roofing. His crew actually repaired our roof, the wood trim and painted the new portions in only a couple of days. I was expecting to pay for a roof repair and it cost me nothing. We highly recommend Westmax Roofing for quality performance and professional honest service. Thank you Wayne for repairing our roof!!

Val & Cathy NakamuraVista Home Owner

Good price, quality work, speedy installation, thorough cleanup. Fantastic appearance.

Jeff WoodardHomeowner - San Marcos, CA

Wayne has done many jobs for me, various commercial roofing projects, and several coating jobs, including re-roofing my house and cabin. He is reliable and I can trust him to provide excellent quality and professional service every time.

Eric AtkinsonContractor/Homeowner

Westmax Roofing Inc. did an exceptional job on our roofing project. Communication was frequent and the project ran as smooth as expected, with no delays.

Chase BallardDirector, Capital Projects - Greystar Real Estate Partners

Work was done thoroughly and professionally at our business.  It was a very large job. Came in under budget.

Brian HawthorneCo-owner of Hawthorne